EcoFriendly Jewelry

In Daixa Somed the criteria of Ethical Jewelry are followed: I feel great love and awareness towards the environment, as well as respect for everyone and everything that goes into their production chain. For this reason, social and environmental sustainability is promoted in the long term and includes ethical considerations, human rights, consumer conflicts, climate change and pressure on natural resources:

The precious materials that are used to make my designs come from responsible mines. They are obtained only from the work of adults who enjoy good working conditions and is a small scale production. My suppliers do not sell diamonds or other precious conflicting materials, and as much as possible take steps to help prevent the sale of precious diamonds and / or conflicting precious materials.

My suppliers take an active part in the Kimberley certification process.

Regarding the care of the environment, my jewelry is totally handmade, it minimizes the impact in nature avoiding to use toxic products and discharged in the water. Neither is nickel used, thus avoiding skin allergies.

Remember that the quality assurance of the processes followed are what make a jewel ethical.