Limited Edition:

Our collections are limited to a specific number of pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful. Daixa Somed does NOT mass produce. This means that you will have a unique item that will last a lifetime. Get it now: once it's gone, it's gone.

Ethical Production:

In Daixa Somed, the criteria of Ethical Jewelry are followed: I feel a great love and awareness towards the environment, as well as respect for everyone and everything that enters their production chain. Therefore, long-term social and environmental sustainability is promoted.



All the designs are own and created by hand one by one, from the process of the sketch and / or design to the creation of the final piece, following the most traditional jewelry processes. This, coupled with the unique nature of the materials used to create each of our pieces, makes them look slightly different. You will never have to worry that your style does not stand out.


Made to last:

Our jewels are made with quality materials, such as 925 Silver, Gold, etc. If you follow our advice on jewelry care, they can last a lifetime.