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Bronze / 925 Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Plated



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Fine necklace / medallion made in Sterling Silver, Brass and Gold plated. The pendant, which is a small cameo, is made of Brass, has a zirconite set with engravings and is 18K Gold plated. The chain is made of Sterling Silver and is plated in 24K Gold.

This necklace is inspired by Iris, Goddess of the rainbow. He announces the pact of humans and gods and the end of the storm; like Hermes, is responsible for getting the messages of the gods to human beings. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and sky. In the Titanomachy, she decided to fight for the Olympic gods. Unlike his sister Arce, who fought for the titans. Since Iris was able to move at the speed of the wind, she was chosen as the messenger of the Greek gods.

All our jewels have an exclusive protective bath for precious metals and plated (Silver, Gold and plated) that prevents the formation of rust and the effect of adverse agents, maintaining the shine without giving way to opacity (patented for Daixa Somed).

* Designed and handmade in Barcelona.

** The chain is about 40 cm long


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