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Bronze / 925 Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Plated



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Beautiful necklace made in Sterling Silver, Zamak, Gold plated and Chalcedony. The maxi square shaped pendant, has drawings engraved on both sides, is made in Zamak, and is 18K Gold plated. The geometric link and the chain, both are Sterling Silver, are plated in 24K Gold and have a chalcedony color tile set in bezel.

This necklace is inspired by Cronos, God of time. He was the king of the Titans and god of "human" time (of the calendar, seasons and harvests), son of Uranus and Gea, and father of Zeus. (Chronos, personification of time, is often confused with Cronos, king of the Titans).

All our jewels have an exclusive protective bath for precious metals and plated (Silver, Gold and plated) that prevents the formation of rust and the effect of adverse agents, maintaining the shine without giving way to opacity (patented for Daixa Somed).

* Designed and handmade in Barcelona.

** The chain is 1.9 mm thick and 40 cm long.


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