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Bronze / 24K Gold Plated

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This collection is a historical reference to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian mythology.

Originally from ancient Mesopotamia, the Nazar, or popularly known as "Turkish Eye", translates mainly into: vision, vigilance, attention; but especially is used as one of the best known amulets, and not just any one, but one intended to protect us from the "evil eye".

Handmade in brass and finished with a 4 micron thick plating in 24K yellow gold and high gloss, this delicate piece presents the Nazar or Turkish eye set on a circular base with engravings that emulate solar flashes. Sometimes referred to as the blue eye, they claim that it provides protection to those who wear it. The Nazar I ring by Daixa Somed, is an amulet of historical reference turned jewel.

Each ring is made entirely in my studio in Barcelona. The slight variations are the mark of craftsmanship, a testament to the individuality of the piece. 


- Composition/Metal: Brass and enamel.

- Finish: Plated in 4 microns of 24K yellow gold. High gloss.

- Measurements: Adjustable.

- Designed and handmade in Barcelona.


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