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Daixa Somed


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14K solid yellow gold mini earrings with 3mm diameter topaz set, surrounded by a delicate textured halo. Its simple and classic design makes these earrings perfect to create your desired mini earrings combination and bring a touch of color to your day to day. Small details in the form of a customizable jewel that will complete your daily look.

* These authentic Swarovski topazes with 3mm natural shine cut, have been cut and polished by expert hands in Austria using precision cutting technology, and have a perfectly saturated color enhancement, which is what makes the Gems Swarovski in unique. The topaz is naturally pure white and Swarovski uses its patented Thermal Color Fusion process to create exceptional colors in authentic topazes. This process also improves the surface of the gem, adding a permanent ceramic coating that makes the stone resistant to most cleaning and production methods. Due to this coloring process, the Swarovski topaz does not contain radiation, unlike the standard topaz on the market. The best quality available is guaranteed and the specifically designed Natural Brilliance cut offers a shine that will make this jewel an excellent addition.

* Pack of 2 (to choose colors).

** Designed and handmade in Barcelona.

*** Measures: 3.8 mm in diameter.