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Funny pendentif in the shape of a hedgehog. Personalise and change your jewellery with our pendentifs.

Hedgehogs (Erinaceinae) are small mammals covered with quills; they belong to the order Eulipotyphla . There are a total of sixteen species of hedgehogs divided into five genera. Hedgehogs inhabit Europe, Asia, Africa and have been introduced to New Zealand. Hedgehogs have not changed much over the last fifteen million years. Like many early mammals, they have adopted a mainly nocturnal and insectivorous diet.

It is made of sterling silver.

All our jewellery has an exclusive protective bath for precious and plated metals (Silver, Gold and plated) that avoids the formation of oxide and the effect of adverse agents, maintaining the shine without giving way to opacity (patented by Daixa Somed).


- Material: 925 Sterling silver. 

- Finish: Polished and high shine.

- Measurements: 8 * 10,5 mm. 

- Designed and handmade in Barcelona.


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