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Daixa Somed


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Maxi perfect dream earrings for a summer night, for that trip you have thought, for that party with friends who are planning, or for any time you can think of. It is the perfect jewel if you do not want to go unnoticed, and that will talk about you. Fluor yellow and crystal effect finish, 24K Gold plated and two voluminous pearls in continuous movement, perfectly embody the dreamy and daring woman you wear in you.

These bulky pear-shaped pearls are mother-of-pearl, polished, and have a thick coating of a special varnish (applied through electrolysis), which is characterized by its enormous hardness and resistance to rubbing, wear and abrasion. It is totally transparent and colorless. They are not synthetic and have a spectacular shine.

- Featured in FASHION GRUNGE Magazine-

All our jewels have an exclusive protective bath for precious metals and plated (Silver, Gold and plated) that prevents the formation of rust and the effect of adverse agents, maintaining the shine without giving way to opacity (patented for Daixa Somed).

* Designed and handmade in Barcelona.

** Measurements: 15 cm long approx. / Pearls: 13 mm long.