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Daixa Somed


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This collection is a historical reference to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian mythology.

Originally from ancient Egypt, the eye of Horus is one of the best-known symbols and used as a protective amulet. As a talisman it symbolizes health, prosperity, indestructibility of the body and the ability to be reborn. The wedjat, an eye part human and part hawk, is the eye of Horus, God of the heavens, and comes to mean "unity or totality restored."

Handmade in brass and finished with a 4 micron thick veneer in 24K yellow gold and high gloss, this piece worthy of a family heirloom, presents the eye of Horus protected between two hands that hold it firmly but delicately, as an allegory of protection, support and security. The Red Eye of Horus ring by Daixa Somed, is an amulet of historical reference turned jewel that, without a doubt, will attract the attention of those around you.

Each ring is made entirely in my studio in Barcelona. The slight variations are the mark of craftsmanship, a testament to the individuality of the piece. 


- Composition/Metal: Brass and enamel.

- Finish: Plated in 4 microns of 24K yellow gold. High gloss.

- Measurements: Adjustable.

- Designed and handmade in Barcelona.